[sic] humor.

Where every new book is the worst I've ever read.

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Thanks for the clarification.

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"She couldn’t calm the terror growing in her, and she broke into a run.
Something moved out from between two cars.
What’s that?
She froze. Her knees felt weak. Her heart pumped wildly.
It’s a dog! She was terrified of dogs.”

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I never liked dead baby jokes.

“The third day, [the baby] would not open her eyes and her fever was running very high and all of a sudden she was dead. [The baby] was a child who normally would not cry for any reason. She was very sweet and soft-spoken, so anyone never got tired of her. She was really an angel as personified by her namesake and now she is dead.”

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Completely relevant backstory.

“My home wasn’t always here in China. I was once a wizard—that’s right. I was once a great practitioner of elemental magic. I was also a sailor who loved traveling to different parts of the world.”